Highly-Skilled Bamboo Master Craftsmen Specialized in Making The “Kishu Fishing Rods(Kishu Herazao)

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A few months ago, many people who loved my previous video: “Ancient Technology of Making Bamboo Crafts – Most Incredible Bamboo Woodworking Ever” have commented to asking me about: “Kishu Fishing Rods”. So we decided to make a video about it.

I started to find out information about “Kishu Herazao” then being very impressed by the flexible, durable, lightweight, and especially it has a history of more than 200 years. after more than 2 days to explore, I began to write the script, rewrote the content, a voice was recorded, new effects work, new music, new footage added and a new creation is created as follows: “Highly-Skilled Bamboo Master Craftsmen Specialized in Making The “Kishu Fishing Rods(Kishu Herazao)”

This time our main character is: Tatsukawa Hideki (辰川 英輝 )
Kishu-Herazao Master Craftsman(His Teacher): Jō Hideo (城 英雄)

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