Eel Fishing Rigs, Tips & Tactics!

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Eel Fishing – Rigs, Tips & Tactics!

The Eel is somewhat a forgotten species among many specimen anglers, however for our very own Phil Spinks a big Eel is well sought after and if you like, the holy grail of the specimen world.

The Eel is a truly mythical creature, with a big Eel potential being 30, 40 or even 50+ years old. There is a certain air of mystery around them, they’re not stocked commercially into lakes and they literally have the ability to turn up anywhere… from a small 1 acre farm pond all the way up to a gigantic 100+ acre reservoir.

In this latest AD Specimen Series, we head out with our very own Phil Spinks, to a lake where he’s successfully targeted and caught Eels before, to find out a little more about what he does to catch them.

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