Believe This Fishing? Amazing Boy Catching Eels and Channa Fish by Hand in Mud

Fishing Techniques
Unbelievable #eels #fishing by hand in mud. Amazing boy catching freshwater eels and channa snakehead fish in the village canal dry. Rare fishing techniques.

The Anguillidae are a family of ray-finned fish that contains freshwater eels. Eighteen of the 19 extant species and six subspecies in this family are in the genus Anguilla. They are elongated fish with snake-like bodies, their long dorsal, caudal and anal fins forming a continuous fringe.

#Channa is a genus of predatory fish in the family Channidae, commonly known as snakehead, native to freshwater habitats in Asia. In Assamese it is called goroi. In Malayalam it is called varal or braal. In Bhojpuri it is called “garai”. In the Magahi language it is called “garai”. Since the fish can survive in marshy land, which is not a habitat for normal fishes, there are Magahi phrases like ‘gadal garai’. This is used to describe a person who looks simple but is shrewd.

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