Village Traditional Hook Fishing in Bangladesh || Fishing Technique.

Fishing Techniques
Village Traditional Hook Fishing in Bangladesh || Fishing Technique.We have many types of fishing techniques in Bangladesh.A popular technique is fishing with a fishing rod.Good quality bait is needed for fishing with fishing rod, because it is very difficult to catch fish with fishing net without good quality bait.The type of bait that is easy to fish with bait gul hal, red ant eggs, underground earthworms, blular eggs, etc.The bait I told you about is very easy to fish with a bait.There are many rivers, canals and beels in our country and there are many species of fish and they are very easy to catch with fishing rods.

চাচা মিয়া এইডা কি মাছ ধরল ।কই মাছ ধরার কৌশল-

আড়াই মিনিটে বড়শি দিয়ে কত গুলু কই মাছ শিকার করল ভাল করে দেখে নিন, Hook Fishing in Village.-

বড়শি দিয়ে গ্রামের চাচার মাছ ধরার দৃশ্য । EP-5-

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